Mattresses for Back Conditions

The only time during which the muscles, ligaments, and other structures in the spine can completely relax is while sleeping. And when a person suffers from a back injury or disorder, it's especially important to sleep well in order to help the healing process.

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General Sleeping Guidelines

While there are no absolute rules, there are a few general guidelines about sleeping positions that are most comfortable for the spine:

  • In general, the best sleeping position is to lie on your back with a small pillow tucked underneath the back of the knees. This position completely unloads the stress on the spine and allows for the natural curve of the lower back.
  • For people who prefer sleeping on their side, it is helpful to place a pillow between the knees to help keep stress off the hips and lower spine.
  • For people who sleep best on their stomach, placing a flat pillow beneath the stomach and hips can reduce stress on the spine.

While these guidelines are true in general, the position that is most comfortable to sleep in is again largely dependent individual preferences and on the type of back pain one has.