L4/5, L5/S1 microdiscectomy surgery experiences

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Appt today

Hey MrJolly! So glad you're back and feeling better! Are you currently doing PT or do you think the no tiptoe thing might be permanent?
I saw my surgeon today and he said exactly what you did. It wasn't a laminectomy, but a bone shaving to make more room in there. i guess he had already told me but I forgot. The night after surgery, I wrote a list of questions on my phone for my surgeon for when he came to check on me the next day, and when I looked at them the next day, I seriously thought my husband was messing with me and had taken my phone and wrote a bunch of nonsense! There were questions like "Where has Halloween gone?" and "when can I PARTYING?" and then just a whole bunch of random letters. I had also been hallucinating and seeing visions of my husband wearing crazy face paint, so it's no wonder I didn't remember what was said to me while I was all drugged up. LOL!

I have been having trouble with my incision leaking (ew), but there is no sign of infection or spinal fluid, so apparently this is normal and could continue for up to a few weeks. It was very alarming when it started this past weekend, so I am very relieved to know it's not something terrible going on there. I do feel better every day, I just need to remind myself that I am only 1 week post-op and I need to take it easy no matter how I am feeling!
JD, Charleyne, Jason, DVR, how are you feeling these days?

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Back in the mix

Hi everyone. I've been swamped working both jobs and traveling to multiple job sites. I'm glad to read that everyone is improving and recent surgeries went well.
I hate to admit this, but I have reinjured my back. The nerve pain in my left leg has returned and i also am having right sided lumbar, thigh, and groin pain. It is intense at times and has worsened over the last 2 weeks. I go to the surgeon Thursday to see what my next step is.
This started when I was doing ab exercises on my exercise ball and my 10 year old came running down the hall and tackled me which knocked me backwards onto my right hip. It hurt and immediately and has gotten worse.
I'm struggling through work trying to keep up but I know I'm about to have to face my fears and see what's up.
The journey continues! Let's see where it goes!!!!

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Brandis.....you make me laugh

Brandis.....you make me laugh, just saw your post re your hallucinations and questions for the surgeon, ha, ha, ha!! The medication gets us a bit like that. I can remember a few embarrassing moments pre and immediately post surgery. After my second micro d the anaesthetist came to see me because I had a fast heart rate, reacting to Oxnorm, I was in such a state, I cried and told him I had had enough. At the time I was sucking on an ice lolly because I had a dry mouth. He wanted to put a tablet under my tongue to help reduce my heart rate and had to prize the lolly off me, I wasn't letting go.......don't know what all that was about.

Jd33, oh no.....I hope that you haven caused serious harm. It's so scary when things happen unexpected like that. I think we all worry that we have done serious harm and had bad set backs. Fingers crossed you are ok....face your fears,mat least then you'll know one way or the other. Keep us updated!

Take care everyone.

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Not sure if the tiptoe thing

Not sure if the tiptoe thing is permanent or not, if I go up on both legs I can hold my weight on the left for a few seconds which is better than a few months ago but just can't push up. In all honesty though, compared to the pain I had pre surgery I can deal with it as it doesn't cause me any bother except for a slight limp when I start walking. After a few strides I'm usually okay. I did try going up some step ladders the other day though and that was painful as I couldn't support my weight on the left leg!

My pt was just for core muscles, after laying around for a few months they needed building back up again, I can't remember if it was my physio or consultant that told me that as the weakness is caused by a nerve problem there's no point building up the muscle as there's no signal getting through from what little brain I have so as soon as I stopped exercising it would waste away again unless the nerves grow back.

After a perfect day on Friday where I felt almost normal I've had a couple of worrying days where my back has ached more than usual some odd sensations in my leg and foot but hopefully just a temporary thing and just from sitting at work for too long or sleeping in a strange position.

If you do go partying then keep away from fireworks this time okay?!?

Jd, hopefully this just a minor hiccup and nothing to serious and hope everything goes okay.

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