Severe Back/Neck Pain - Medical Marijuana Help?

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AlexDenton wrote:
I have had cronic back pain since I was a mid-teen and I cthink we can both agree that it sucks. I had tried every medicin in the book and none even reduced the pain. I have gone to chiropractors, massage therapists and even back docs and everyone just kind of shrugged and didnt have anything to stifle the pain.

It was only when I started college that I even pondered trying marijuana. To be honest when i tried it first i did it just for the hell of it because, why the hell not? I was in a room with people smoking it up so i just smoked with them. Later on in the evening I was noticing the "high" but more noticable was the lack of pain. It was amazing! I literally cried because the feeling of no pain was just that profound.

For almost a whole day I felt absolutelly amazing. After the second day the pain started to come back and honestly I was sceptical that the marijuana was what stifled the pain. So about a week later I went over to a friend's apartment to smoke up with and i had the same exact results! Honestly it was a miracle how it worked. I'm in California now with a medical card and i am feeling millions times better. I have done quite a few personal experiments and have found that Sativa hybrid strains such as "Blue Dream" help my back far more than Indica strains.

I hope this helps you

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Mary's Medicinal's

Mary's Medicinal's makes a CBD patch and topical cream. CBD's are the part of the plant that treats pain and seizures. It is not Psychoactive no THC. Medical Marijuana isn't for everyone. I have used medical marijuana for many years. It helps but i have built up a tolerance. It's expensive. It's way cheaper to buy a prescription bottle of SOMA. and i don't want to be a drug addict. when I can afford to I prefer CBD topical cream and edibles from the dispensary.