Serratus Posterior Inferior -- advice?? 4 years of pain!

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Serratus Posterior Inferior -- advice?? 4 years of pain!

Let me preface this by saying I did not recently pull a muscle, or over work it. I have been suffering from right side lower mid-back pain (T11-T12) since 2011. Over the past 4 years I've dealt with this pain. I take a lot of aleve, and I'm constantly have to move while sitting.

In February of 2011 I fell down a flight of stone steps, and also increased my work outs around that same few days. I can't pinpoint exactly what caused my pain but it was around that exact same time.

I went to my GP, got x-rays. Slight curvature, but nothing major. Went to PT, didn't help much... and it was expensive for a recent college grad! GP sent me to a spine specialist. He noted that my flexibility in my right leg was much more limited than my left.

Sent me for an MRI. MRI showed slight hernitation at T12 L1, but other than that nothing remarkable.

Doctor and I did not see eye to eye... I think he both hated each other. I didn't think a 22 year old should be in this much pain, and he probably thought that I was a dramatic 22 year old...

Went to new GP, sent me to pain management clinic who did injections at first.. then went to trigger point injections. The first set of trigger point injections worked wonders for the first week.. after that I don't really think he hit the right spot.

I kind of gave up, dealt with the pain, let is run my life. I stopped running, didn't work out as much, and gained weight. My new GP suggested I lose some weight to see if that helped, and it made me realize that I can't stop this from running my life. I've lost 15 lbs in 3 months, and back to a healthy weight for me. I've been noticing more pain in my shoulders from lifting, and found that trigger point therapy has really helped that.

A couple of days ago I looked at trigger points in my "special spot", and I think they nailed it.. It has got to be my serratus posterior inferior muscle that is causing this pain. It's usually a dull achy pain until I bend, rotate, twist.

I cannot find ANYTHING about how to fix sprains/strains in this muscle, or even how to stretch it...

if anyone has any advice, I would really really appreciate it!!!

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Hello Ridgwayaa,

I am 17, male, once formerly very active in the gym.
Long story 1.5 years short, I have a very similar issue, coupled with various other trigger points in my serratus posterior superior, rhomboids, over active traps, weak lower traps, tight lats, tight pecs, rear delt pain, front delt pain, tennis elbow for no apparent reason, etc etc etc.

Anyways, the point here was not to talk about my situation so much as to discuss yours. It would be my theory that you should hone in on your ankles and hips. I could imagine if there were in fact discrepancies with your leg flexibility, length, ankle position, etc that could cause your serratus posterior inferior to stabilize your body through the kenetic chain. Do you also get pain in your Quadratus Lumborum?
PTs are overly expensive and unless you search far and wide for the best ones, find they are often not worth it. Perhaps acupuncture or IMS would help you? Check it out. Hope you get better. Cheers,

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