Sciatica and Herniated Disk When Will it End

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You may find that massages comforting.

Scrambler wrote:
Hi All
I have been lurking and reading for 12 weeks now since my sciatica started in late June and it has been so helpful!
I am 52 years old and this is my first episode of this pain. I was lifting heavy boxes at a trade show 3 days before the sciatica developed so I am assuming this is the cause.

First stop was primary care physician he prescribed Advil and oral steroids no impact whatsoever. I then started physical therapy, 2 weeks later I had an MRI and the culprit was L5/S1 mild to severe disc herniation. I could not walk more than 500 feet without severe pain. I went to see a physiatrist he put me on gabepentin (600 mg) per day. By August 1 I had improved and was able to walk up to a few miles a day without too much pain.

Fast forward to today, I still have burning pain in my left leg and ankle most of the time. I can still walk but can't seem to shake this. Today, I had an epidural steroid injection and hoping it works and coupled with physical therapy . The psychiatrist has stated I am not a candidate for surgery.

Needless to say this has taken a toll on me mentally and its pretty much all I can think about is when will it end.
I have definitely improved since the onset, but think that I have hit a plateau.

I am trying to be patient, but how long could this last?
How long does one typically need to continue physical therapy?
At what point should I contemplate surgery?

Looking forward to hearing your experiences and answers!


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Ankle leg pain

Hi All
Has anyone had ankle/shin burning and pain once most or all of their sciatica symptoms have gone?
I have burning pain in my ankle that has not gone away even though all my other symptoms are essentially gone.

Today I met with an orthopedic surgeon who told me essentially that he can't help me with this pain/problem.
He said this because:
I have no neurological problems (drop foot, numbness etc).
He has never seen a case like mine where pain is confined the lower ankle on only.
There is a herniation but given my symptoms surgery may not help alleviate the pain. 50% chance of working.
As far as he can tell from an MRI standpoint I am fine and can resume activities.
He assumes that a nerve root might have been damaged from the disk pressing on it and he thinks it could possibly go away with time or never.

Has anyone had these type of symptoms following sciatica?
What did you do to try and solve the problem?
Suggestions would be appreciated!

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My PM doctor did epidural. I have had ankle pain, and or top of foot pain...and those were relieved with epidural.
I think I had three in total during my chronic pain life for my foot or ankle.

My thoracic issues have not been helped with epidurals, but we tried.

I am not a medical professional. Anything I write is from my own experiences.

bill k
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After suffering with this

After suffering with this sciatica possibly from herniated disc for 3 months, physical therapist had assistant move my leg as i was laying on my side(good leg), as she just touch the area that is sore and it released my leg. Now during the day its almost tolerable. My home work is to lean back slowly while standing with my back to a counter top to move the herniation back between the vertebrae. This seems to work, however I'm still not able to rest at night. Can't get comfortable, but in the afternoon it seems to get better. Why is it worse at night? I have many more sessions with the PT and hope i can get some sleep soon.
That 200lb tv that i moved for 50 bucks wasn't worth it. Now i can't work and the copays and deductibles are going to kill me. Thankfully i have sick time. Feel like a night owl now.

William g

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