Trigger Point Injections? advice

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Trigger Point Injections? advice

My neck was broken when I was 16. C-2 broke in two places and I walked away from the car accident. I was in a halo vest for 5 months no surgery. Now I am 42 and the pain is getting progressively worse. I can tolerate mild daily pain. It's the acute episodes when the pain is so severe and my shoulders muscles get so tight. I wake up in pain and can not sleep. At it's most severe i wear my neck collar, if i cough i get an electric shock type feeling shooting down my arms. I feel tired from trying to hold my head up, if that makes any sense. I don't want to just keep taking pain killers. I feel the doctors don't understand how much pain I am in. I need advice in new treatment options. has anyone had experience with TPI?

MRI results 7/29/2015
There is mild straightening of the cervical spine. Otherwise, alignment is
maintained. Degenerative changes at the atlantoaxial joint are present.
Vertebral body height and bone marrow signal are maintained.

There is disk desiccation at C5-6. The visible spinal cord is unremarkable in
signal and morphology.

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Trigger Point Injections

If you have decent insurance or can afford it out of pocket, I would advise you to see a pain and rehab doctor and see if the doctor will do trigger point injections. I think having them would be the only way to know if they provide relief.

I had one set of trigger point injections (for $350, plus $300 office consultation, so $650 total) for neck pain. We did not use a steroid, only lidocaine because I was paranoid about steroids (a paranoia I have since gotten over -- I'm currently on oral steroids, which are helping tremendously with pain). The injections perhaps provided a tiny bit of temporary relief, but not enough that I want to keep shelling out $400 - $500 a pop -- I think subsequent visits would be cheaper than my initial $650 visit).

If the financials work for you, I say give trigger point injections a shot. You have little to lose other than money and they might help.

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Trigger point injections

If you have insurance, i would go for it. I have found these to be helpful. It depends on where the pain is, though...

My primary complaint is headache, with neck pain. My bulging discs are from C2-3, C3-4 (with severe narrowing of the spinal canal), C4-5, and C5-6. I have been having trigger point injections every two months for the last five years.

If you have pain radiating into your arm, you might be a better candidate for an epidural injection, instead of trigger point. The steroid only lasts for 4-6 weeks; so there is still a 2-4 week period of regular pain that I have to deal with after the steroid has worn off.

I'm going in for my first radiofrequency ablation on Wednesday... I had the two diagnostic tests, and determined that this should be a good treatment. It is supposed to last longer, pain relief wise.

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