How long did you stay on pain medication after surgery?

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can really relate here!

hi everyone, i had my acdf c5/c6 on june 17th. the first couple wks. i thought i might be cutting down on my meds since before my surgery. the neck pain was not as bad at FIRST as i thought it would be. well after about my 3rd wk. , symptoms started coming back, starting with my neck, and the severe headaches that go up the back of my head around to the sides. i have ear pain so bad, i cannot even stand it, comes and goes. my jaw is painful, everything favoring my left side mostly. most of all, my LOWER back pain is bad, i cannot stand in one spot for more than 5- 10 mins. SPINAL STENOSIS, cervical , and lumbar. muscle weakness, OA. i also have RSD, which i am not sure if you all know that it is a chronic pain condition , that attacks the nervous system. my PM. last week i seen again, told me it had gotten worse. i am now on perc. (2) 3 times day, 1/2 muscle relaxer 3 times a day. blood pressure med. has been upped , prozac has been upped. i am zonisimide, 100mg. nightly., because that is all i can tolerate. so i go back to dr. next week (NS) for my acdf, for x-rays, to see how my neck is doing. boy is he going to get a earful. i am anxious to see my neck. i am being sent for mental exam for SSI this sat. appt. do not know what to expect for that . if anyone has suggestions on that , i would appreciate it. my NS did not promise me that my fusion would help. i took my chances, especially with all my other problems, i myself do believe i will be getting off my meds. any time soon. my PM told me i should not even be driving with all my meds. but i told him i only drive locally, i cannnot drive out of town anymore, besides, i do not feel like going anywhere anyway. sorry mine is so long. i feel for all of you who are going thru same thing. Crying LEO

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I do understand

I have OA, DDD and other back issues. I have asthma, hypothryroidism, uslers and these pain meds are not helping my stomach. I need to work but right now I couldn't make it through the day. Some days are hard and I just hope it get better for all of us.



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Hi Cindy

I am 4 months post op and still use some pain medication. I think the important things to remember is to listen your body and don't let the pain let out of hand.

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Thanks Cindy

Thank you for you good wishes for us all. That is so sweet of you.

We hope that it gets better for you too. We are all sorry that you suffer in the way that you do and we wish you lots of good days.

Take Care

John B

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To Cindy and Everyone

Hello everyone!

I am brand new to this forum,and this is my first post!

I had an ACDF with hardware on C6/C7 on August 13, 2008. I am now post-op by one year. Mine is a workers comp case. I am still in pain, and I take Tramadol and Flexeril (I believe I am building up a tollerance to these drugs as they no longer work). I also have pain in my shoulder blades, upper left arm, down my neck/upper back, and moderate headaches. I have bi-latteral Hoffman's sign and hyper reflexes post op. My Pain Management doctor released me MMI on July 17th with a 20 pound lift weight limit. He states that I will probably have to take pain killers/muscle relaxers for a couple more years. I am awaiting a decission from SSI regarding disability.. who is going to hire someone who can only lift 20 pounds?

All of that story to say this.. Everyone is different, and everyone heals differently. I only hope my condition will improve and I will be able to get on with my life. If not.. then I will adapt to my injury and continue to live as best I can.

Good Luck to you Cindy and everyone else! Do EXACTLY what your doctor says. Doing more will inevitably lead to more damage and longer recovery. Wave

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Pain meds

I am 1 week post op lower lumbar fusion.. I was receiving lortab 7.5 for nerve pain before fusion... They sent me home with 30 Percocet 7.5 and I took 1 every 3 hours round the clock for the extreme pain I was in . So naturally I was out in 3 days or so.. My wife went to get a refill for my pain meds and they dropped me down to 30 5x325 OxyCodone and I am only 6 days post op and still have trendous pain.. And scared to take these fearing they won't give me no more so I am sparingly using them ... I feel they do not care that I have pain and I know they will not increase my pills back to 7.5 because my surgeons assistant came in my recovery room they day I got out of surgery and told me it's time to cut my pain meds.... They never gave me more than 30 7.5 per a at a time ... I still have a lot of pain and compared to everyone else's meds this doesn't make sense to me and I'm feeling abandoned with pain..

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