Headaches after surgery

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Headaches after surgery

I see a lot of posts complaining about constant headache/migraine after surgery. After 19 yrs..I'm still struggling to manage those headaches. A fusion puts stress on & causes instability in the other joints. I think too that once the multi layers of muscle are cut thru and/or retracted for an hour or 3 hrs in my case the soft tissues are not happy to just bounce back & behave all smooth & untouched forevermore.
Fortunately, my surgeon referred me to an excellent chiropractor who uses geometry to calculate where & how to apply a simple, specialized instrument to adjust my neck as needed. Which is anywhere from every 1 to 3 weeks.
I can't ride in a compact car, or on bumpy roads. I can't ride a bike or vacuum or play most sports. My life is very restricted. I have to be extra careful how I move every moment of every day, & still my vertebrae clunk out of place just enough to rub my nerves into a major headache.
I have one rescue med on hand for migraine & another for the ever-present muscle spasms that sometimes unbearably take over my whole body while I have a migraine. I take a migraine preventative every day..which just lessens,the severity of the attacks.
I'm rather astounded that my case is is summarized as 'mild to moderate'. What would characterize more 'serious'?...being in a coma for a month? If I tried to live my life normally I guess that's what would happen.
I don't understand why this area of symptomology is not even directly addressed by the medical profession. Symptoms are always discussed in terms of 1 way nerve conduction DOWN to the hands, shoulder, bladder, etc. But info travels UP & down our nerves. Clearly this nerve root irritation & inflammation can cause debilitating headache & the only place to find that even mentioned is in the user posts.

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