Can cervical problems cause fingers to lock up?

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Can cervical problems cause fingers to lock up?

Hello. I was wondering if anybody out there with cervical spine problems would have any expieriance with their fingers locking up at times. I was decompressed and fused c5-6 and c6-7 back in 2008 for radicapathy and mylapathy and did well since but am being followed now for worsening cervical problems. Recent emg shows radicapathy and carpal tunnel both hands and Mri shows multiple problems especially at c4-5.
Grabbing small objects tying my shoes etc causes my fingers especially the thumb and index fingers to lock up and become stiff in a downward position where I have no control over this and must physically use the opposite hand to painfully correct and the entire hand feels weaker afterwards
I can not find these exact symptoms listed under carpal tunnel and was wondering before I go back to see the doctor if any cervical sine patients on this might have similar symptoms. Thank you in advance for anybody's imput

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trigger finger

not sure if it's related to the neck injuries but my doctor said it's something to do with "trigger finger". I would look that up and then discuss it with your doctor.