Bilateral foraminal stenosis most of C spine

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Bilateral foraminal stenosis most of C spine

Hello again
I have had 2 surgeries back in 2007 and 2009. Had my C4-7 surgery of ACDF with instrumentation. I now have severe bilateral foraminal stenosis of my C3-4 due in part to a moderate disc herniation. A CT scan and X-rays show moderate foraminal stenosis on all levels (except C1-2) down to C7. I have the option for surgery for my C3-4 but two surgeons recommend putting it off as long as possible because of my cord not being compromised .
Chronic pain for 10 years now and it seems like I'm out of options
Surgeons say try to cope with medications but my pain management doctor isn't so understanding. Been on the same dosage of meds for those 10 years.
Any thoughts?