3.0T Wide Bore or Stand UP

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3.0T Wide Bore or Stand UP


Open to thoughts and opinions on which one to get, my choice. I want the best one. The order is for cervical MRI with contrast.

ACDF C5-C6 - October 2012
ACDF C6-C7 - November 2014

Still have severe neck muscle pain that radiates up from thoracic area. The pain is more aggravated when sitting for more than an hour or standing any length of time. I have had 2 sets of facet joint injections and most recently botox to no avail. Latest Dr visit he said I was starting to show signs of cord compression again and wants to see whats going on.

Thanks for input.

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That answer should be coming directly from your doctor

There are many pro's con's regarding the different type of MRI units today. Essentially, as of now, the standard lay down models, (know with larger tunnels) is the best in terms of clarity, density, resolution, pixel value, T-values, etc

The stand up models are slower coming up to speed in all of that. Some folks indicate that their problem was only identified via a stand up and was overlooked in the conventional units. I dont have any proof one way or the other.

Based on what a doctor is looking for, they are in the best position to identify what type of MRI unit will be best .

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