Unidentified Source Of Chronic Pain

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Unidentified Source Of Chronic Pain

I am suffering from chronic leg pain from last 5 months which initially started from lower back and after some months radiated towards buttocks, hamstrings and now in calf muscles. Majorly the pain is on left side but sometimes i feel the pain in right legs too.

Age 34 years.
Weight: 76 kg
Height: 5 feet 11 inches

1. Burning sensation
2. Tingling
3. Cold feet
4. Can't stand and sit for long duration
5. Needle pain
6. Weakness in both legs.
5. Irregular bowl movement
6. Lack of sleep.
7. Lower Back stiffness.

During Doctors Consultation
For the first month i took basic pain killers and muscle relaxants which didn't worked.
During second month I visited Neurologist and he advised for MRI scan , which shows herniated disc(l4-l5) and spinal stenosis problem during that period doctor advised only conservative treatments (like stretching, exercise & avoid long sitting).

I followed that regime and somehow i am able to manage the pain but after some days symptoms goanna worse and radiated towards whole left leg starting from buttocks to back side of thighs. I am a software professional and i have to sit for 8-10 hrs.' in a day.

Anyhow, i visited another spinal doctor and he advised to go for epidural spinal injection, but i refused as i know it is very risky and sometimes life threating.

I moved to another Orthopedic doctor and he advised me below medicines, i took these for a month, initially result was good, but after some days(~10 days) pain comes again. Right now i am not taking these medicines.

1. Katadol - 3 times a day
2. GABAPIN- at night 1 tablet
3. REBEMAC-DSR CAR- 1 tablet morning
4. MEDROL - 1 tab a day
5. TEGRITAL 100 MG- twice a day

After that I gone through physiotherapy along with needle acupuncture and got temporarily relief.
I also visited chiropractor and as per him i am having issues with my gluteus muscle and piriformis syndrome which cause leg pain (sciatica).

Finally, I am getting confused what is the reason of this pain and how to tackle.
Right now taking herbal medicines along with NSAID pain killers and muscle relaxant.

Still my chronic pain is not cured and somehow i am managing to live with this, this problem effect my day do day work routine and i am unable to concentrate in a single activity, from my physical appearance and outlook perspective i am considered as a healthy person and its more difficult to explain that i am in chronic pain.
Nothing seems exciting these days and feel withdrawn sometimes.

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Have you looked at a

Have you looked at a Dermatome Map to see if your pain correlates with your MRI findings? It's useful to me. If your disc herniation is causing your pain the injections are usually one of the conservative treatments that they go to first. Some find it incredibly helpful.
If L4-L5 is the culprit you either go the conservative route & hope it heals/manage the pain or they may consider surgery. If you believe that it's something else that they're missing it's 2nd, 3rd opinions & pushing for more diagnostics.
It took me a long time to find the correct combination of meds. It nearly always takes a few dose adjustments & changes to get it right. It's a hit & miss thing. Medications like Gabapentin require slow titration. It takes quite a while to know if they will be effective in treating nerve pain.
I know it's incredibly frustrating. Spine problems are usually a marathon not a sprint. I remember being at my wits end & pointing out to my doc how long a month can be between appointments when you're in agony.
Chronic pain & depression/anxiety often go hand-in-hand. Please don't let it take over your life. There's lots of help out there. I battle depression as much as pain at times. It makes everything worse. Ugh!

A chiropractor is NOT a spine specialist. With structural damage like yours you should NEVER allow chiropractic adjustments!

Osteoarthritis & DDD.

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Changed medicines

Thanks for the comments, for now i am taking below medicines, still no success :-

1. Tryptomer (Amitriptyline) 10 mg

what is Dermatome Map ?
Should I go for epidural injection, would it help ?

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You might find it helpful to use the __search __ on this site, upper right on page, and type in the dermatome map.

It's interesting in showing which part of your spine effects which parts of your body.

You mentioned that a doctor suggested that you have epidural, but you refused feeling it risky and sometimes life threatening.

With your decision after speaking with doctor about the procedure...are you saying you now want to possibly have procedure?
Seems your concerns would be best served talking with doctor again and letting him guide you, and or reassure you.
No one can tell you what to do. That is your decision to make with the help of your doctor. You ask if it will help, and your doctor is the one to help you understand pros and cons with your situation.

We can only speak of our own experiences, if that is why you're asking.
For myself, over the years, I have had several epidurals, into different areas of my spine causing the pains in different locations of my body.
Some of them were effective, some were not.

As English Girl mentioned, it does take time to find the proper treatments, medications. Everyone is so individual so meds can act differently with each of us. I know it's difficult to be patient while in so much pain.

what kind of testing have you had? There is more than MRI to help located source and or cause of pain.

There are also other ways to try to deal with the pain besides medications.

You may be interested in reading__ the blend__ which you can find on this site, using__ search___.
Type in your concerns and you may be led to older posts, articles, and or videos, which may be helpful to you.
I esp like the videos and SH video library is huge.

You might want to search about the epidural procedure ...and there is probably a video on that, also.
When you see how it is done, some of your questions may be answered.

Often, when I search, I have more questions. Sometimes I continue search, other times I write questions down for next doctor visit.

I am not a medical professional. Anything I write is from my own experiences.

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Thanks for the comments, want to share that i have done with a shot of epidural, still there is tingling and numbness in my legs.
Before shot, Doctor again requsted for CT and told that there is no issue with discs and told me degenerative changes in spine and due to
that some fulid (might be) released which causing tingling/numbness and sometimes pain. Anyways, still i am unable to get
out from this !

Now a days i am doing a research and it seems similar to PAD, but i dont know either.
Changed 6-7 doctors + medicines in a row and no releif.


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Yesterday I visited doctor who gave me injection, he was surprised that there is no effect of injection, i have also done HIP MRI
but no findings as such, its wiered. He told me to take below medicines
Lycria 75 mg (twice a day) and some muscle relaxants and pain killers.
He advised physiotherapy. Which i am having for last 6 months [ No Effect ]

Still fighting with pain/tingling and numbness on my left leg.

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Did l3 l4 ozone disectonomy and l3 l4 l5 root block 3 weeks back and still pain, numbness , electric shock in left leg is there.

taking below medicines
Pregabid 75mg twice
ultracet twice

i m fed up from this leg discomfort..
what to do next ?

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I can hear your...

It can take time since not knowing how your body will react to the medications and or treatments.
Finding the source and finding relief is much trial and try again.

In your everyday life, are you able to limit or stop yourself from the bending, twisting positions? and no lifting?
Do you still see chiropractor? And have manipulations? Or is that on hold at this time so your spine not twisting or such?

Also, wondering since you mentioned you changed doctors, what doctors are you working with right now?

I am not a medical professional. Anything I write is from my own experiences.

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I m trying not to bend but in daily life its v difficult to do daiy jobs without bending..
eg shoe lace tie up etc
lifting is 0

not visiting chiro as of now.

Right now im doing nothing no exercise no walking .. just go office and come back home ..
curse myself n sleep.

doctor im currently visiting is pain specialist n advised lycria 150mg at night.. painkiller on daily basis twice..

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I know it's very difficult

I know it's very difficult but try to walk a little when you're up to it. I've had chronic back and sciatica in both legs from permanent nerve damage for several years, along with muscle spasms. I've had 3 back surgeries, PT, many epidural injections, nerve block, and RFA. I can't stay in the same position for too long because my back will get really stiff, or my legs will go numb from sitting too long. Every morning I wake up it's horrible, and can't get out of bed until my medicines kick in. As far as Lyrica, I will NEVER take it again. I couldn't fit into my shoes in one month and gained weight. It made me very drowsy and so out of it I couldn't function. I switched to Cymbalta later on and the pounds gradually dropped off. The added weight is terrible for people with back problems. I'm just speaking from personal experience so always check with your doctor. Be careful with chiropractors since you have nerve pain going on. After all this time I learned to live with pain..you adapt somehow. Of course I'm on several painkillers and there are good and bad days..hopefully more good days are ahead. Have you tried a TENs unit or aqua therapy?

Ol' Spiney...Microdiscectomy L4-L5, TLIF L4-S1 -post op central disc herniation L4-S1, sciatic nerve damage, retrolisthesis, epidural fibrosis, facet arthropathy, severe DDD & OA.FBSS- Medtronic SynchroMed II pump.