Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

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Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Hello everyone,
This is my first post, and after reading so many of your posts over the last year I finally decided to join the discussions! I am not looking for answers, just simply venting and hopefully someone else may read this and know they are not alone!

I am 32 years old, and I have been dealing with neck pain for about 10 years now and lower back pain for 5-6 years.the neck pain started with chronic headaches/migraines, neck stiffness, and aching neck and shoulders on occassion. As the years pass my symptoms have gotten worse. Same with lower back; started with constant aching, sciatica flare ups, and general discomfort. I have done PT, massage therapy, acupuncture, pain management, and chiropractor off and on throughout the years with little to no relief. About a year ago the pain in back and neck became constant and started getting numbness and tingling down my arms and legs. I moved approximately 7 months ago and my primary care dr sent me back to PT, put me on muscle relaxors, steroid pack, and still no relief. I was finally sent for an MRI (yes first one after all these years) and was reffered to a NS!!
After waiting 3 months for the appointment, the NS came right in and said, he does not recommend surgery and wants me to go to PT (which I have been doing for 6 months now) he briefly asked me a couple of questions and he said he thinks I have carpel tunnel and would like me to get an emg to confirm, then he told me to call his office once emg was complete to discuss results....and that my friends was all. I had an hour ling appointment scheduled, but got him for approx 5 minutes. My husband was with me and even he was flabbergasted. I had a list of questions that I unfortunatley did not get to ask, and was left feeling like I am back at square one again. The nurse came in and gave me my report to give back to my primary care dr and I noticed it said under diagnosis that I have osteoarthritis in lumbar region with radiculopothy, cervical spondylosis without myelopothy and idiopathic scoliocis of thoracic spine. And attached to that was my MRI report which said
Cervical: Spinal rotation, positional versus scoliosis
C5-6: moderate disc dessication, moderate central disc bulging, minimal anterior sublaxation
C6-7: mild disc dessication, moderate central disc bulge
Lumbar: straightening of lumbar lordosis
L5-S1: moderalte annular bulge, mild central stenosis

While I am grateful that I finally have somewhat of a diagnosis and that ithe pain is not all in my head, I am disappointed that none of this was discussed durning my appointment. Now I am just trying to decide, do I find a different doctor or just give searching for answers a break for a while?! As most of you know this is a very frustrating situation to be in and the icing on the cake is this is starting to affect my job.

Again, I am not looking for diagnosis, I am just simply looking for words of encouragement perhaps from someone out there that has been in a similar situation! Smile

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