Medical advice from members

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Medical advice from members

It is SO IMPORTANT that this information is understood by all.
Important Message to All

As the Spine-Health site continues to grow, it is important that we emphasis one of the Forum rules:

You agree that any information, opinions or other content provided by doctors or patients on forums is for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical diagnoses or treatment. Always consult with a physician for any health problem or medical condition.

As newer folks read replies from other members, it is important to keep that rule in mind. Any information that you get from other people here is Informal advice , personal opinions, and information from personal experiences and they are not Not formal medical diagnoses or advise.

You should always consult with your physician regarding any health or medical problem. Having input from the members here can be very valuable. In some situations, it may be about the only source of information people can get.

But remember, replies from members here is not a substitute for information you will receive from a qualified physician.

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This has been posted as a direct quote from our Spine-Health Forum Rules. I believe that with more and more people expressing their experiences and offering opinions, this rule is as important to repeat as ever. Please take this information to heart. No one here qualified to diagnose you or suggest treatment that shouldn't be discussed with your doctors, surgeon or physical therapists first.
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