How is your daily life? How areyou doing now?

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How is your daily life? How areyou doing now?

How do you cope every day? What are you doing? What can't you do?
I am 3 1/2 years post L5-S1 laminoforaminotomy. Chronic back/left glute pain 4 1/2 years.
With the exception of 6 weeks off after surgery, I've been able to work the entire time. I am an RN in a hospital setting. I have no trouble with working. I am finding my way back to consistent daily exercise, but it's a work in progress. On bad days, I just walk.
Activity always makes me feel better. My biggest challenge is sitting for any length of time. I have declined invitations because of this.
My pain is always worst toward the end of the day, which is when I turn to meds if needed.
I have spent the last few years looking for, and expecting, a "cure" and an end to the pain. I know now that's not realistic and frankly, it stinks.
I know we are all at different points in our journey, and started this thread as a sort of check-in.
How's everyone doing?

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One thing about being a spinal patient

it is something that stays with you forever. Now , that doesnt mean in a bad way that , it just means we know we had it, have it and will have it.

Our best defense is the smarter offense. There are so many modules that can be put together to help promote a manageable pain control program.

Take a look at The Blend This works for thousands. Not exactly as outlined, but the overall concept. I just always say that if you are going to take up any of those items, discuss it with your doctor first.

Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Moderator
I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences.

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Life is hectic

Everyday is a battle with multiple pathologies and chronic pain. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but that's the truth. As of recently, my medication only lasts an hour, if I'm lucky. So change is in the works, but as of right now I'm not doing too well.

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Same, l5/s1 dicectomy and

Same, l5/s1 dicectomy and laminectmoy. Second surgery was in May this year. I too can't sit for more than 15-20 mins without chronic pain. Constant nerve pain especially in my right butt cheek and down right thigh, some days going down to my foot too. Sitting is a huge issue for me. I am back at work 50% and gradually moving my hours up. Walking is my best thing and I can walk up to an hour and a half in one go, up hills down hills with a few steps thrown in. I walk to keep fit and because my PT says it's good for me. Every step is painful though and sometimes I want to head straight back home, but I stick it out.

I start pain management clinic next week, so hoping for some comforting words of wisdom. I know there are no miraculous cures and that this is probably as good as it gets. However, I find work good, it distracts me. Some days though I just want to be pain free and not have this constant reminder that I'm no longer in the 'normal' category. Although, some may say, what's normal? I would just like a day or two pain free, just to remind me of how it used to be.

I wish you all well with your struggles.

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On the same boat

The fact that you're a RN is very commendable with this kind of pain.

Im 4 year post 2 surgeries, l4-l5 and disc herniation l3-l4 with a root block done last week. Im a medical student but I have not been able to start my residency because I am unable to sit for more than 30 min or stand for more than 20. Like most of us, I can walk unto an hour but have not been able to stay off my meds. It's affected my life a lot, derailing my path by about 4 years but I think it's made me a more empathic doctor. While Im unhappy that I have this pain, I think one day it won't go away but I will be able to conquer it and lead an active, full lifestyle without asking people if there is back support at the event Grin


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Time will tell....

I'm seven months post op from L4-5 laminectomy with fusion. I no longer have the excruciating sciatic pain in right leg/buttock.....So thankful!

As time goes on, my recovery (mobility) doesn't seem to be improving enough for me to return to the custodial work I had been doing prior to surgery, and possibly indicating that's not a doable thing for me any longer. Time will tell where it will all go from here.

So, physically, there has been improvement from prior to surgery, even though it may not seem that way to some, and even to myself some days, but over all, life is good. Mentally, emotionally, I think my post surgery bouts of depression are adjusting to a better frame of mind, and I'm feeling much better in generally most ways. I think I've struggled for many years with the whole aging process, so learning to adapt to some more physical changes is something I've been learning for some time, and know it's a continuing process of life.

All you kind, compassionate, empathetic people here have made my life changes more tolerable in some darkened times.... I thank you all for being here and there.

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Daily life as a chronic pain patient

I've been living with pain since my 20s but never looked for help until my 40s. My MRIs have confirmed herniations in cervical spine my lumbar...I have DDD spinal stenosis and tarlov cysts. I've done PT and more injections than I can count. No surgery yet, I'm trying to avoid. With all of this upwards of 7 pain, my worse pain is my thoracic at a 9 with no diagnosis yet. I have a desk job which is agony. I take pain meds and use a heating pad 24 /7 . I alternate seated and standing with heat and ice. Many days seated is worse.

I'm not sure I've helped or answered questions. What I can say is I'm not on disability but the most painful thing I can do is sit at a desk, and that's my job. It's quite painful to live this way.



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Kelz I'm so sorry. Sitting is

Kelz I'm so sorry. Sitting is my major issue but I'm lucky to have a job that keeps me on my feet. It's awful to be unable to sit. I have missed many events that require prolonged sitting. I have no answers. I wonder what research is being done? Chronic pain keeps so many people from being productive.