Help deciferring mri results

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Help deciferring mri results

Had an mri for chronic pain can you please help decifer:
C4-5 mild disc bulge asymmetric to the left
C5-6 mild disc bulge asymmetric to the left.mild narrowing of left neural foramen secondary to disc, facet and uncovertebral joint disease. The right is patent
L3-4 mild disc bulging. Left lateral annular tear/fissure.mild facet disease.minimal narrowing of both neural foramen.
L4-5 mild to moderate disc bulging.superimposed left lateral protrusion with annular tear/fissure.mild facet disease.mild narrow g of left lateral recess.the right is patent. Mild narrowing of both neural foreman greater on the left.

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    MODERATE Some more treatments may be needed, ie Spinal Injections, Ultra sound and stronger medications. Always a possibility of more aggressive treatment if the conservative measures don't help
    SEVERE Need for stronger medications. The requirement for surgery may be necessary

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MRI Findings

I think it would be interesting if we were able to go back in time and have MRIs and CAT scans of our spines long before the onset of pain. Maybe someday in the future doctors will see the need for this.

I have honestly lost count of how many MRIs I have done of my back. For my last back surgery in 2008 I had most of my MRIs. I gave them to my surgeon and then he "mailed them back." I had MRIs from places all over the country including places which are now closed. Now loads of lost MRIs too!

Anyway, when we look at a MRI report we automatically believe that what we are now seeing is the reason we are currently experiencing pain. The fact is, no one is born with a perfect spine. Some people with bulging disks, bone spurs, deviations to the right, abnormal curves, have no pain at all. Other people who have what appears to be the perfect MRI are in excruciating pain. I'd had pain before MRIs were used in medical fields. When I had my first, and second MRIs they showed almost no damage. But I had severe loss of use. When a neurosurgeon opened me up, he found a lot of work to be done that had not shown up on MRIs.

Now I have several issues screaming for surgery BUT I'm waiting. Having had 2 surgeries I know they do not usually resolve the pain. They help me regain lost use of my legs- currently walking is a challenge but still, I can walk. I know that surgery, any kind of surgery is risky. Anesthesia is risky!

Make sure that before you do anything you weigh the pros and cons. I AM considering more cervical epidurals because my hands are not working well. I train dogs which I can do from any position but I also draw very fine, detailed portraits of dogs and I need my hands, and I need them to be very still.

AND, Ineed my space bar fixed because it keepssticking and I get too lazy totype too much andthen gobackand separate words!

Best Wishes,

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
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