Anyone taken MS Contin 15mg-Taken off Lortab 10

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Do not miss a scheduled dose even if you think you don't really need it. This med works best when taken as prescribed. It builds up in your system and within a few days will provide you as much relief as possible. That being said, if it is not working for you then, have Doc up your MG or Frequency. It would help for you to keep a real good record of when you feel more pain and how severe it gets.
As far as the Surgeon, I might would seek some legal council.

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My experience

I was started on 15 mg of MS Contin in addition to 10/325 hydrocodone. Went a month with no relief, doc bumped me up to 30 mg, still no relief, in fact, my pain got worse. He said this is common with morphine (making your other med [hydrocodone] ineffective). So he's having me taper off MS Contin, and see what we need to do shortly.