14 Day Post-Op ALIF/PLIF Fusion L-4 L-5 & S1 Chronic Hamstring Pain Immediately after standing up

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14 Day Post-Op ALIF/PLIF Fusion L-4 L-5 & S1 Chronic Hamstring Pain Immediately after standing up

Hello everyone, as you can tell by my heading, I'm 14 days Post-Op ALIF/PLIF Fusion at L-4,L-5 & S-1.
I had some leg pain in the backs of both legs, in the "Hamstring" area. I contacted by surgeon because the pain isn't going away with physical therapy and getting worse so they set me up for a Doppler scan to check for any possible Blood clots and there was nothing found. They did however say that the circulation was very slow.
With that being said, has anyone had this problem and if so, please let me know what your out come was and what was done? I would greatly appreciate any and all comments or input.

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Brcraig, welcome and 360 theory

Welcome to spineyland brcraig. I do not have help for you but am interests in how you turn out.

I have a theory as to why there are not more 360 posts on this site...I'm hopeful that people have had such success they have moved along and do not revisit the forums.

I have 360 this coming Friday. Will keep you posted and truly hope you could leave your good outcome (hopeful) and/or your experience.