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7 weeks Post-OP from a L5/S1 Fusion, and it seems impossible to sleep sound more than a couple hours a night.

If I don't take my pain meds (perc 7.5/325 2x before bed) I toss and turn and ache so bad im lucky to get 4 hours of uninteruptid sleep (Thank you FitBit for keeping track).
-I've tried melatonin/sleep tea/oils/etc
-I removed all light/stimulants/phone is on silent and face down
-I have added background noise, tried watching movies to fall asleep during with a timer to turn off after 2 hours.
-Glass of burbon or a couple beers as a nightcap prior to bed

Then on the other hand, if I take my pain meds, I suffer from insomnia where i stay awake well into mid morning/afternoon.
- I have tried Norco, Hydrocodone, Tramadol, and a handful of others at different strengths with my PCM but they all seem to have the same affect after a week.
- I take a benadryl/Tylenol PM/NyQuil/etc with and that just makes me loopy and wide awake with random 10-20 minute moments of sleep.

All and all, I'm running out of ideas and my Surgeon keeps referring me to my PCM and my PCM won't prescribe anything because I'm still being treated by the surgeon.....

Any ideas/help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

Skip Hamilton

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Sounds like you are trying to self medicate...which I totally understand, even if I can't agree that it is a good idea.

My periods of sleep deprivation were horrible. I was a wide eyed, wild eyed, irritable person..not always understanding what was going on around me.

My pain management doctor sent me for sleep study. I was shocked anything was noted as I didn't sleep well during testing either. But it picked up something...and doctor was able to treat with proper medication.

I still have a night or two weekly without sleep, but that I can live with!
Proper testing and treatment brought me great relief!

I am not a medical professional. Anything I write is from my own experiences.