Forum Rules

Guidelines and Rules for HealthRcovered Forums

Welcome to our back and neck pain forums! We are so glad you are joining our conversation.

The goal of these forums is to offer support to people who are struggling with back and neck pain. We hope you can learn from each other in a positive and uplifting environment.

Use this opportunity to discuss your health situation and how it has affected you physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. Back and neck pain can profoundly change people's lives.

To ensure responses, please read over all of our available topics, and post under the topic-or condition- that is most closely related to your health issue. Read threads that cover your condition so you can benefit from all the collective wisdom that is already here.

The overall objective for this site is to provide detailed information regarding spinal condition and treatments. Visit our home page, to conduct further research on your condition.

The Spine-Health Forum Rules apply to everything done in the forum section of the site. This includes all threads/posts, as well as private messages.

Finally, consider these forums as a support-group at its best, without seeing one another face to face.

1. Authority

1.01 Our forums are moderated on a daily basis.

1.02 The system moderators (dilauro , liz, and savage) are volunteers. There are a number of HealthRcovered employees who also monitor the forums.

1.03 The moderators and forum members are not regarded as health professionals.

2. Complementarity

2.01 The information provided on this forum is designed to support, not replace, the direct relationship between patients and healthcare professionals.

3. Privacy

3.01 We remind you that any message can be read, used, reproduced and cited by all. Any post can be used or reproduced for usage outside the forums on or on external websites, emails or printed materials.

3.02 You do not have the option to delete your messages. However, under exceptional circumstances, you can contact the moderators to do so. The references you provide for your posts cannot be deleted. Thus, please take care regarding the information that you post.

4. Messages

4.01 The moderators and members should conduct themselves at all times with respect and honesty.

4.02 By using our forums, you agree to post information that is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and is of your personal experience. If the information you post is not personal experience, we request you to provide sources (references, links, etc.) whenever it is relevant and possible.

4.03 You are not allowed to post advertisements or commercial solicitations, whether in the form of text links, banners or other methods.

4.04 The moderators reserve the right to delete any messages deemed inappropriate without notifying the author. In cases of abuse, the moderators reserve the right to ban a member of the forum. In both instances, an explanation will be provided if user requests.

4.05 You agree never to remove or edit any message put in your thread by one of the moderators.. This is a major violation and may be subject to immediate banning.

5. Additional Rules and Regulations

5.01 You agree not to submit or post material that is harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, or otherwise objectionable. This includes the bashing and/or name calling of medical professionals such as physicians.

5.02 You agree not to post personal information about other forum members on the site, including email addresses.

5.03 You agree not to impersonate other individuals when you submit to forums on

5.04 You agree not to submit or post advertisements or commercial solicitations to forums on

5.05 You agree not to engage in any solicitation either on the forums or via email to viewers.

5.06 You agree not to post information that is considered to be formal medical advice.

5.07 You agree not to post surveys or poll other members on this site.

5.08 You agree not to engage in religious or political discussions. Posts regarding these subjects will be reviewed by the moderator team to determine if it can remain.

5.09 You agree not to submit or post copyrighted material, without permission, to forums on

5.10 You agree not to post specific physician names or health care facilities names on

5.11 You agree not to make duplicate threads.

5.12 You agree to posting complete sentences and to minimize the use of abbreviated text.

5.13 You agree to minimize the posting of abbreviated text for medical conditions/surgeries.

6. Medical Advice and Medical Professionals Rules and Regulations

6.01 You agree that any information, opinions or other content provided by doctors or patients on forums is for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical diagnoses or treatment. Always consult with a physician for any health problem or medical condition.

6.02 You agree not to ask for any analysis or interpretation of diagnostic tests (ie MRI, CTScans, EMG, etc.),

6.03 You agree not to respond to any request for analysis of diagnostic tests (ie MRI, CTScans, EMG, etc.)

6.04 Licensed physicians may not use their doctor title in their member name. Any doctor who wishes to become a member of HealthRcovered must first register with the HealthRcovered owners.

6.05 Members may not use the phrase DR, Doctor, Dr., or any other combination of letters that would indicate that they are medical professionals.

6.06 Members who are medical professionals may not post on these forums as professionals, they must first declare their status to the moderator team and if necessary to the HealthRcovered business office.

6.07 assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, or failure to post messages.

6.08 reserves the right to edit, monitor and/or delete comments at our discretion without notice.

7. Spammers

7.01 Once a member post has been identified as SPAM or pure solicitation, the post will be deleted and the member will be deleted without any warning. HealthRcovered will not tolerate any form of spamming.

7.02 Do NOT identify specific places of business or establishments

7.03 All posts should be in English. Use of any other language is accepted only as part of a question and/or response.

8. Banning

8.01 Permanent banning will occur after a member receives 3 formal warnings from the moderator team, or may happen immediately when the infractions are severe.

9. Temporary Banning

9.01 The moderator team will use their judgment based on the severity of an incident to establish a temporary banning. The length of that banning will also be determined by the severity of the incident. No formal warning needs to be sent to a member to make them aware of the situation. Any correspondence would be done via formal email.

10. Guideline for Including Links/Outside Material in Forum Posts

10.01 No External links may be published until they are approved by the moderator team.

10.02 No posting links to advertisements or as solicitations of business.

10.03 No posting links which are not relevant to the applicable forum topic.

10.04 No posting material that infringes on the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others or on the privacy or publicity rights of others.

10.05 Any outside content or material directly quoted must include a reference to the location the source from which it came.

10.06 Advertising personal blogs is not permitted. You may include your blog url your signature line

11. Inappropriate Language

11.01 You agree not to submit or post material that is vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable in any manner or nature to forums on This includes the use of #$%@ or XXXXX as a means to hide foul language.

The moderator team reserves the right to edit any post