T8/10 wedge fracture prognosis? any experience please!?

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compound fractured T5-T8

I am 30 years old health. I was in bed for 3 days with food poisoning. I got up to run to the bathroom. I slipped and fell. I immediately felt pain but thought it was just a bruise. After 10 days of not getting better and stuck n bed my friends made me go to the hospital. They diagnosed me with compound fractures of T5-T8. After a week in the hospital I was released with a back brace and a prescription for 180 30mg roxys, 60 somas, 90 norcos and 60 Xanax. It worked for a few months but now afty 5 months I am in severe pain. The pills don't do n e thing for my pain so I tried herion. Needless to say it helped but It was the worst mistake I have ever made. I never did drugs and don't want to start now.So my question is can I still get surgery after 5 months or am I doomed for a life time of pain and become a hermit. Thanks!