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Louise Roberts
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Hi all, I hope that this

Hi all,

I hope that this message will open this time as have tried this introduction 3 times. Looking forward to communicating with you all. Happy to find someone who understands how difficult life can be when dealing with chronic pain and inability to live normally.

I am a semi retired vey active woman who has had a fusion about 30 yrs ago... S1 to L5. In those days they used my own bone to fuse, in a brace for about 5 months, became allergic to meds so had to get through it with tylenol and aspirin... no PT and it was not fun. I have had many surgeries including heart by-pass (lucky ... no heart damage so I am doing great) My problem now is 2 degenerative discs above the fusion and 2 more in my neck. Back, hip, butt pain when I walk ... which I cannot go very far now.... and arm and upper back pain between my shoulders. Hard to sleep also. I have been to several docs and have been told that i could have the nuvaisve spine surgery or with more traditional surgery go thru what I think is mostly what I did the last time.

I would like to get any information on the newer methods of the disc replacement and how effective is it. Traditional surgeons say this is the wrong way to go as it is putting something that is not natural in your back and is more likely to fail than a traditional operation. Any comments or information that anyone can send my way would be great. I am at a loss of what to do, where to find the best doctors etc and rehab time and problems. Looking for ward to meeting buddies that maybe I can help and can help me.

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Hi Louise,

First let me say welcome to healthrecovered. The message you typed here if you will go up to new members at the top of the main forum page and then click on new topic would be a better place for this introduction. You will get more answers and responses. Also you might want to make a message discussing your back issues and the quest for information regarding types of surgery in low back pain or the surgery forum as there will be more members answer there. Hope that helps some and once again welcome to healthrecovered.

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Hello all I am new here , I thought talking to others would help .


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