A New Treatment Option for Painful Metastatic Spinal Tumors

FDA 510 K Indications for Use statement for this clinical application:

The STARTM Tumor Ablation System is “indicated for palliative treatment in spinal procedures by ablation of metastatic malignant lesions in a vertebral body”.

Provide Rapid Back Pain Relief

THE STAR Tumor Ablation System is designed and purpose-built for the palliative treatment of metastatic vertebral body lesions.

STAR Device

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  • Provide rapid back pain relief through a minimally invasive, targeted (outpatient) procedure
  • Compatible with patients’ current systemic cancer treatments
  • Alternative for patients who have reached their cumulative radiation dose limit
  • Potential treatment for radio-resistant tumors
  • Pain reduction prior to radiotherapy


The STARTM Tumor Ablation System is cleared by the FDA for providing palliative treatment (e.g., pain relief) by ablation of metastatic malignant tumors in a vertebral body. Patients undergoing radiofrequency ablation are subject to risks associated with surgery including complications from anesthesia/sedation as well as bleeding, bruising, pain and infection. Additional complications could include: blood clots, collapsed lungs, and damage to normal tissue, nerves, the spinal cord or other structures resulting in injuries including paralysis. Not every patient is a good candidate for the STARTM Tumor Ablation System. The STAR System is contraindicated for patients with pacemakers or other electronic implants, and for the cervical section of the spine.