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The Spine Center at University of Colorado Hospital

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Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates

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Center for Spinal Disorders:  Thorton, CO Spine Center

Center for Spinal Disorders

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Front Range Center for Brain and Spine Surgery, P.C.

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UCHealth Brain and Spine

UCHealth Brain and Spine brings together specialists that treat the full spectrum of neck, spine and back conditions... [ View Spine Center Profile ]

Exempla Spine Care at Denver West

Exempla Spine Care at Denver West has brought together the region's most trusted network of providers to treat all... [ View Spine Center Profile ]


SpineOne offers the latest in the evaluation and non-surgical/interventional treatment of spine-related disorders and... [ View Spine Center Profile ]

My job is to individualize treatment for every unique spine patient.
Quality spine care requires a detailed history, a thorough physical examination and tenacious treatment.
Orthopedic Surgeon
As an academic surgeon, it is my responsibility to stay abreast of the latest treatments and technologies in order to make the best recommendations for my patient’s specific ailments.
Excellence in spine care results from strong team-work involving not only the care providers but also the patient.
Orthopedic Surgeon
My general philosophy in spine surgery is to treat my patients as I would treat a member of my family.
By its very nature, neurosurgery is challenging. The challenges are what drew me to the specialty, in part. The other reason is that these patients need resolution. Often that resolution is relief from longstanding suffering. In many cases, a life is in the balance. For me, caring for these patients is the very essence of medicine, and it has fueled my pursuit of excellence. Today, I’m a lead investigator in several studies. I’m one of a handful of spine surgeons in the U.S. with training in both neurological surgery and orthopedic spine surgery. I perform outpatient procedures that others are still performing as several-open surgeries with several days of hospitalization. My colleagues and I provide neurosurgical care that is as good or better than anywhere else in the world. But the reason I do these things is because I’ll stop at nothing to help these people get their lives back.
Each day I renew my commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and the people who have entrusted me with their care.
My mission is to provide high-quality and personalized care for my patients.
I come to work every day with the goal of positively affecting the quality of life of my patients. Each patient is unique and my approach is to tailor a treatment plan that takes into account the personal goals of the patient as well as the surgically unique details of that particular patient's disease. I am committed to excellence in patient care in both the operating room and the outpatient setting and strongly believe in a multidisciplinary team approach that includes the patient and his or her family in the decision making process.
Alpine Spine Center
Orthopedic Surgeon
I have vowed to dedicate my career to helping people while adhering to the mission of my group's practice and to the field of neurosurgery. I am using my knowledge and skills to provide quality medical and neurosurgical care to my patients.
Dr. John Warner, DC, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906
Colorado Health and Wellness, Inc.
Drive fast, take a lot of chances.