Trigger Point Exercises for Neck Pain

Trigger points in the muscles around the shoulder blades may be the result of irritation to the facet joints of the lower cervical vertebrae. Relieving trigger point pain can also help with a neck and upper back problem.

Trigger Point Exercises

Two effective exercises to relieve trigger point pain include exercises using a foam roller and a racquetball:

    Foam Roller
    A full-length, 6 inch diameter foam roll can be used to work out some of the trigger point pain that often accompanies neck pain.

    • Place the foam roll on the ground.
    • Lie on it lengthwise.
    • Place the hands on the hips.
    • Roll slowly sideways keeping the torso parallel to the ground until the foam roller rolls over the scapular muscles where the sore trigger points are.
    • Slowly roll 20 times to each side.

    A racquetball can be used to self-massage shoulder blade trigger points as well.

    • While leaning with the upper back against the wall, place the racquetball between the tender muscles of the shoulder blades and the wall.
    • Using the legs to move the body, roll the ball up and down on top of the muscles for about 2 minutes.

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