Tailbone Pain Causes

It is not clearly understood which portions of the anatomy can cause coccyx pain. In many cases the exact cause of the pain is not known (called idiopathic coccydynia), and in these cases the symptoms are managed.

In general, pain can by caused in the coccyx if an injury or some type of excess pressure on the area causes the bones to move beyond their normal very limited range of motion, resulting in inflammation and localized pain. An injury to either the ligaments or the vestigial disc may be a cause of pain. Rarely, the bones of the coccyx can fracture and cause pain. Also, in rare cases a tumor or infection in the coccyx can be a primary cause of tailbone pain.

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Possible Underlying Causes of Coccydynia

Generally, a diagnosis of the cause of coccydynia will identify one of the following underlying causes of pain: