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Warning: Proceed with Caution Before Fusion Surgery

Dr. Ullrich acknowledges that there is a time and a place for spinal fusion surgery, but he urges patients to carefully consider all their options before they agree to the spine surgery. In this case study, he explains how he helped steer a young male patient clear of a surgery that would have surely caused him more pain and disability than he already had.

Exercise for Better Back Health

There is a wide range of back problems—from simple back strain to serious injury—but the one thing almost all of them have in common is that part of the cure involves exercise and fitness. A good exercise routine is key to reducing your chances of recurring pain.

Spinal Fusion Implants: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the type of spinal implant your surgeon is planning to use for your spine fusion, make sure to choose the one with the best healing potential.

Understanding Spinal Anatomy Helps you Talk to your Doctors

Becoming more familiar with the anatomy of your spine is a good step toward effectively partnering with your doctors and therapists in your treatment. Get an overview of your spine's complete anatomy from this video walkthrough.

Everyday Tips for Back Pain Relief

There are a number of back pain relief remedies that are for the most part under your control. And sometimes, it’s nice to know some options that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to help manage your pain.

New Science Shows Your Fusion Implant Matters

New study results show that the choice of implant material used in your spinal fusion may make a big difference in the surgery's effectiveness. Learn what you can ask your doctor about the materials they plan to use.

How to Visualize Lumbar Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of back pain in people over the age of 60. While osteoarthritis occurs commonly in load-bearing joints, such as hips or knees, it can also occur in the lumbar spine and cause back pain and stiffness.

A Visual Guide to Cervical Disc Disease

Cervical degenerative disc disease is a common source of neck stiffness and pain. Get an overview of our new video describing the onset and progression of this condition.

8 Tips for a Healthy, Active Spring

Everyone can benefit from taking advantage of the healthful and active opportunities afforded by the warmer spring weather, but the trick is to not overdo it. Keep these tips in mind as you head out the door.

Understanding Different Types of Back Pain

As you likely already know through personal experience, back pain can be very complex and difficult to accurately diagnosis and treat. There are myriad causes and contributing factors, and a wide range of possible back pain treatments that may or may not work for the same condition.