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Ask the Expert: Choosing a Bone Graft for Spine Fusion Surgery

HealthRcovered Facebook fans and forum users often wonder whether their own bone or cadaver bone is better for use in a spinal fusion. We asked one of our Medical Review Board members, and his answer may surprise you.

3 Totally Unexpected Results from a Fusion Poll

A poll we recently ran asking our readers about their preference for which type of implant material was used in their spine fusion yielded some interesting results.

You Have Options for Degenerative Disc Pain

Pain from degenerative disc disease can be debilitating, but you have options. Exercise, over-the-counter pain medications, lifestyle changes, and surgery are all valid ways to control degenerative disc disease pain.

Designing an Exercise Program to Avoid Disuse Syndrome: The Who

To avoid disuse syndrome, you need to start exercising every day, and one way to be successful sticking to it is to design a strategic plan.

Unusual Office Chair Solutions

Sitting too much is a health epidemic in the United States, and it can contribute to spine pain. Trying some of these unconventional solutions such as a stand-up desk, recliner, balance ball, or treadmill desk can go a long way toward improving your overall health.

How Cooler Weather Affects Chronic Pain

As Chicago (the home base of HealthRcovered) deals with some chilly weather this week—and other cities also come to terms with the end of summer—an old, unanswered question comes to mind: Do changes in the weather bring on changes in chronic pain?

The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Inactivity: The Disuse Syndrome

Disuse syndrome occurs when a person is sedentary, and it can effect all the systems in the body. Learn how it's linked to chronic pain and what you can do about it.

3 Reasons you May Have a Stiff Neck

Neck stiffness and pain may be caused by these 3 conditions, including muscle strain, cervical spine disorders, and less commonly, but infection.

Reader Roundup: Tips for Back Surgery Recovery

Preparing for back surgery and post-op recovery is a stressful process. Learn tips for managing the logistics of your surgery and recovery before, during, and after surgery.