Back and Neck Surgery Blog Posts

Figuring Out Your True Back Pain Diagnosis

You may be asking yourself or others about the most sure-fire ways to treat certain back conditions, and what to expect after a particular treatment. However, the oft-overlooked first step is getting an accurate diagnosis (which is harder than it sounds).

37 Must-Haves after Your Back Surgery

Post-Op Back Surgery
Before your surgery, don't forget to spend some time preparing for the recovery period. The goal of these must-haves is to create a comfortable and positive environment to help ensure the best surgical outcome.

New Back Surgery Technologies

Learn what the development and adoption of new technologies means for you as a patient—and what it does not mean.

Chronic Pain: Beyond the Physical Impact

Our HealthRcovered forums moderator shares his story of living with chronic pain and the impact it has on mental health during this week's National Suicide Prevention Week.

Ask the Expert: Choosing a Bone Graft for Spine Fusion Surgery

HealthRcovered Facebook fans and forum users often wonder whether their own bone or cadaver bone is better for use in a spinal fusion. We asked one of our Medical Review Board members, and his answer may surprise you.

3 Totally Unexpected Results from a Fusion Poll

A poll we recently ran asking our readers about their preference for which type of implant material was used in their spine fusion yielded some interesting results.

Reader Roundup: Tips for Back Surgery Recovery

Preparing for back surgery and post-op recovery is a stressful process. Learn tips for managing the logistics of your surgery and recovery before, during, and after surgery.

How to Improve your Chance of Having a Successful Spine Fusion Surgery

As a spine fusion patient, you play an active role in ensuring your fusion is a success. Learn what you can do to create a favorable chance for a successful spine fusion.

3 Tips on How to Find a Great Spine Surgeon

Finding the right surgeon to perform your surgery is critical. To find a great surgeon, check out the many resources and articles we've written on the subject.

Spine Fusion Patient Is Thankful for New Life after Surgery

Rafael Rodriguez credits his successful fusion surgery with finding the right surgeon, his titanium implant, and having the right attitude.