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Is My Pain Sciatica or Something Else?

Sciatica Pain
Sciatica is often experienced as a shooting, searing pain that radiates down the leg—but other conditions can be experienced this way too. Learn what conditions could be masquerading as sciatica pain and how your doctor might make a differential diagnosis.

How to Get Sciatica Pain Relief Through Exercise

Wall Hamstring Stretch
Sciatica is a general term used to refer to the symptoms caused by compression or irritation of nerves that make up the sciatic nerve. Contrary to what many believe, exercise is actually more healing for sciatica than bed rest.

The Basics of Back Pain and Spinal Anatomy

Whether you have pain in the upper, middle, or lower part of your back, knowing the anatomical structures of the spine can help you understand your treatment options.

Acupuncture and Stretching Helped My Sciatica: An Open Letter from a HealthRcovered Reader

A HealthRcovered reader gives his testimony of how stretching and acupuncture helped his sciatic and low back pain due go a herniated disc.

Could Your Foot Pain Be Caused by a Problem in Your Spine?

The source of your foot pain may not be the foot itself. Learn what spinal conditions may present as leg or foot pain and/or numbness.

How your Walking Posture Affects your Sciatic Nerve

The way you hold your body when you walk and stand determines the route of the sciatic nerve. Follow these walking tips to avoid sciatic pain caused by your posture.

Herniated Disc Video Wins Several 2015 Bronze Telly Awards

Herniated discs occur when discs degenerate and irritate the spinal cord and nerve roots. Our new video helps you understand this process more in depth.

What you Need to Know about Spondylosis

Spondylosis is an umbrella term for several conditions. Learn each of them with this walkthrough of our new video.

Bed Rest Not Always Best Bet for Beating Back Pain

A review of several studies confirms that staying active is a better treatment for low back pain and sciatica than bed rest.

Is Surgery is Quickest Path to Sciatica Relief?

Researchers compared surgical and non-surgical treatments for severe sciatica pain in a group of 238 people. They found that surgery may be the quickest way to achieve sciatica relief.