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3 Tips on How to Find a Great Spine Surgeon

Finding the right surgeon to perform your surgery is critical. To find a great surgeon, check out the many resources and articles we've written on the subject.

Why We Recommend Seeing a Physiatrist for Back Pain

Physiatrists who specialize in treating back pain can offer a wide array of treatment options, and many of them can help you coordinate your care among physical therapists, spine surgeons, and other spine professionals.

Finding the Right Spine Specialist

When you're dealing with chronic or ongoing episodes of back pain and/or neck pain, sometimes it seems that half the battle is just finding the right kind of specialist to diagnose and treat your pain.

How to Get the Best Spine Care

If you have had back pain for a while, you probably already know that navigating the healthcare system to find the right doctor or treatment can be quite a challenge. While the process will probably always be frustrating at times, playing an active role can help make it easier.

5 Ways to Help your Surgeon Help you

Anyone who has experienced chronic low back pain knows how frustrating it can be to find a doctor to help. I often see patients who have seen multiple other doctors and physical therapists and have not had relief of their pain. (After all, if non-surgical treatment was working they wouldn't be coming to me to get a surgical opinion in the first place.)

Who Should Treat Your Back Pain?

People often wonder what type of doctor they should see for their back pain. The answer isn't simple; it depends on your specific situation. Many different specialists treat back pain, and each has different training, skills and interests. For many people, it may take more than one type of specialist to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate their back condition.

HealthRcovered Congratulates Top-Ranking Orthopedic and Neurology Hospitals

Top Spine Doctors
HealthRcovered congratulates the top-ranked orthopedic, neurology, and neurosurgery hospitals in America and our members who are affiliated with them.

Nine Reasons You Should Run from Your Surgeon

Not everyone has the luxury to shop around for a surgeon, but is the cost of ignoring these warning signs worth it? You owe it to yourself to make sure you get the best surgical outcome possible.

How to Pick a Good Surgeon

Don't take a gamble with your health. Your surgeon may have a great personality, but does he or she have great skill? Spend the time you need to fully research your surgeon.

The Latest Chiropractic Debate

While chiropractic treatment of the spine may have been considered unproven at one point in time, that opinion has been dispelled more recently as nearly 9 percent of Americans now seek chiropractic care each year, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.