3 Totally Unexpected Results from a Fusion Poll

We recently ran a survey asking patients if they had a preference about which type of implant material was used in their spine fusion. And here's how people responded:

There were a few things we found surprising about the results:

  1. Most people—just over 60%—clearly prefer titanium implants. This is surprising because, currently, the majority of fusion implants in use are made of a type of plastic called PEEK.

  2. The poll also shows that the majority of people—about 90%—expressed a preference regarding implant material. It makes sense that people would want to have a role in choosing their surgeon, but we're surprised by the level of interest patients showed in choosing the implant material.

Results from a recent poll* we ran on our website shows that most people prefer titanium implants.
Learn more about a fusion with instrumentation—the ALIF. Watch:
ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion) Video.

  1. Finally, it's surprising that people were interested in the poll at all! In just a few days, we had over 500 respondents. Gone are the days when patients simply accept what their surgeon is recommending. And this is a good thing—after all, a spine fusion is an extensive procedure and cannot be reversed or undone, so people are well served to research and understand their options and make every effort to improve their chances of having the best outcome possible.

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What do you think about the results of our poll? Do you think patients are becoming more educated and more proactive about their healthcare?

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We asked our readers to weigh in on their preferences for spine fusion implants, and here's what we learned:http://healthrecovered.net/blog/3-totally-unexpected-results-fusion-poll

Posted by HealthRcovered on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

*Number of poll respondents = 557

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